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A Partner For Modifications To Post-Divorce Orders

Court orders are often part of the legal divorce process. If circumstances have changed or you are unsatisfied with a court order, a child support modification attorney can help you petition the court to adjust the order.

My name is Tommy Thigpen, and I am a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney in Valdosta, Georgia. I assist clients with modifications to child custody agreements, child support orders and spousal support orders. I also assist clients in enforcing these orders with contempt actions when their former spouse is refusing to follow the terms.

How To Change Your Custody And Visitation Agreement

The child custody and visitation order dictates which parent the child will primarily live with and how parents will share time with the child. The court can modify these orders when circumstances change, and you can prove that the terms of the order are no longer appropriate for the situation.

These are some common reasons why someone would want to request a modification to their child custody/visitation agreement:

  • One parent is relocating
  • One parent’s work schedule has changed
  • The child has expressed wishes to spend more time with the noncustodial parent
  • One parent is being unreliable, neglectful or abusive

If you and your former spouse can come to an agreement about the modification, you most likely won’t have to go to court to have your order updated. However, if the parties cannot reach an agreement, you’ll have to convince the court that a modification is necessary.

Is Your Ex-Spouse Refusing To Abide By A Court Order?

If your ex is refusing to follow the terms of your court ordered agreement, they are “in contempt” of the court and you can take legal action against them. In some cases, failure to abide by a family court order can result in the offender going to jail. In cases where one party is failing to make child support or spousal support payments, contempt actions may include garnishing their wages.

Regardless of your situation, I can help you enforce a family court order that isn’t being followed.

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