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Tommy L. Thigpen Guides Clients Through Family Law Difficulties

For the most part, you may not have many interactions with the legal system, except when it is in matters of family law. There you face legal risks and concerns you may have never considered, and you want to have an attorney you can trust and rely on.

At my firm, Tommy L. Thigpen, LLC, I make earning your trust as an attorney a priority. I speak with you about your case, your family and your goals. Then I work to show you that you can rely on my experience and legal knowledge to pursue the results you desire.

A Full Range Of Family Law Services

Most people immediately think of divorce when it comes to family law matters, but the dissolution of a marriage is only one piece of a much larger whole. The entirety of family law also includes:

  • Spousal support: Are you – or your ex – entitled to payments once the divorce is final? This question is one of the most disputed in family law and can create a lot of strife between divorcing couples.
  • Child support: Far less disputed, but no less contentious, is the necessity of support for children. How much should one partner pay to support the children is a question that the law addresses frequently.
  • Custody and visitation: Every parent wants to spend time with their children to build a relationship. The time spent between parent and child should have protections.
  • Legitimations: The legitimation process allows unmarried fathers to build a legal relationship with their children. This allows them the right to gain visitation and custody and in some cases even child support.
  • Modifications: Long after a divorce is final, the agreements will stand. However, those agreements may need to change when your life changes. In some cases, they need enforcement.

I have experience providing services to people in Valdosta and the surrounding area when they need family law guidance. I prioritize you and your needs, and I can build a plan with you to pursue your goals in your case.

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My office is located in Valdosta, but I serve Georgians throughout the area. I will speak with you and review the facts of your case with you, and I can provide a thoughtful roadmap for your next steps. Contact me by calling 229-474-6582 or using this email.