A lawyer who works
hand-in-hand with clients.

Car accident

Professional Legal Representation With A Personal Touch

The law affects everybody, in every part of Georgia. It touches lives and shapes what we can and cannot do. When you have a legal issue, whether it’s, after an accident at work, after a car crash or even if you’re going through divorce, you want to trust that your lawyer shares your values.

My name is Tommy L. Thigpen, and I have chosen Valdosta as the place to raise my family. I care about the area. I care about my clients. I put a great emphasis on offering thorough, experienced legal representation. More than that, however, is how I take time to understand my clients and their perspective and connect with them as individuals – not as case files.

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What Communication Means To Tommy L. Thigpen, LLC

I like to tell new clients that I will treat them the way I’d want a lawyer to treat me. The number one thing I know I would want from an attorney working on my family law issue or car accident case is communication. I’d want to know:

  • Exactly where my case stands
  • How long things will take
  • If there are other options
  • What I can do to help

And it wouldn’t stop there. I’d have questions about every part of the process. I’d have concerns about what I stand to lose.

Your case is the most important issue to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have come to a lawyer. So why would you want a lawyer who didn’t share your commitment? I commit fully to every case I work on because you deserve nothing less.

Taking On Complex Issues

Every time a person must take legal action, there will be complexity, because the law is complex. Even matters that appear straightforward, such as a workplace injury or a motorcycle crash, can turn on minute details throwing question into the whole matter.

If my experience in the law has taught me anything it is that there is no substitute for an in-depth legal understanding. I am here to provide these services to make the legal process simpler for you. That does not mean there will not be complicated concerns, but I will confront them and offer solutions for you to choose from.

Contact My Firm Today

Whether you have a family law concern, personal injury matter or a work injury problem, contact my office at 229-474-6582. You may also reach me through this email form.